Briefly translated into English for those who may have difficulty understanding the text above (albeit being Yorubas).

It’s always been the case throughout human history that a race of people that refuses to teach their own children their language is doomed anyway.

Look at the Chinese, the Indians as well as the Japanese. Except perhaps those adopted by other language speakers, there’s no Chinese, Japanese, Indian or German child that cannot speak the language of his or her parents, wherever they may be.

Yet some Yorubas appear to derive some bizarre pride (and joy) when their own offspring exhibit derisive and pathetic grasp of the Yoruba language, which is one of the most ancient yet most beautiful in the world! Or, when the children appear inept at mouthing even the most common word in Yoruba. The parent makes an excuse: “ààh, kò gb’édè niì..!” as if the child he or she is defending were adopted and raised by a white English couple for 20 years and the child was just returned to them (the biological parents) 5 mins ago! My God! And the parents celebrate this as if it were an achievement that their kids cannot or won’t speak Yoruba!

Already, there’s a scary likelihood that our current and, especially, future generations might be learning about Ifá, Ọ̀rànmíyàn, Shàngó, Ògún, Ọya, Ọbàtãlá, Ọ̀ṣun, Olúwẹri, Yemọja, and other Yorùbá deities from Europeans, which is happening already, especially in the case of Shàngó and the Yorùbá language that the indigenous owners appear to be so ashamed of.

Both the Japanese and the Chinese (and Indians) practise neither Christianity nor Islam. Where are they today with respect to development and economic power?

In Yorubaland, in little villages, towns and cities, one will find both devout Christians as well as Muslims. Heck, even in a single family unit! Right? Splendid!

Now, if Nigeria were to split on tribal/ethnic lines today, one would expect there’d be no problems. Right. But do tell me, what would happen if we were to go our separate ways on religious differences? Or, may The Lord forbid, war should ever break out between Christians and Muslims? What would become the fate of the Yoruba nation then? Has the Yoruba nation not prepared itself for self-annihilation? Would there be a race of people called the Yorùbás after the dust has settled? I am not a devil’s advocate. Neither am I a warmonger, nor a doom merchant. Thanks for reading.